Although most main stream media outlets have produced critical reports of President Donald Trump’s travel ban, multiple polls released show quite a bit of support for the executive order. A survey from the University of Quinnipiac finds between 42 and 48% of people support the order. LSU Political Communications Chair Martin Johnson says he expected this, especially with Louisianans.

“People are concerned about refugees and refugees from that part of the world, so it doesn’t surprise me that there would be some popularity for the policy.”

Johnson believes a lot of the outcry comes from how quickly the ban was issued bringing a lot of confusion. A survey by Rasmussen finds 57% of people polled support the ban but Johnson says that poll is skewed because they only call landlines.

“This is going to skew that data older, it’s going to skew that data more rural. They can try to statistically fix it but that data you have is the data you have.”

Johnson says Rasmussen also finds voters support President Donald Trump at over 50% and every other survey that calls cell phones finds Trump has about a 43% approval rating.

“The Rasmussen data is going to inflate support for the President and his policies.”