Early voting is over and Louisiana saw a record number of voters during the one week period. As of Monday, 427,000 people went to cast their votes ahead of the actual Election Day. John Couvillon with JMC Analytics says 89% of those who voted early, are individuals who normally do vote when there’s an election.

“What that means if they’re getting it out of the way, is I would expect a much lower percentage of chronic voters showing up on November 8th because they’ve already voted during early voting week.”

But Couvillon says 75% of registered voters have yet to vote, so candidates still need to campaign hard and make a favorable last impression, especially with those who have yet to make up their minds.

“Basically, now is the time to do the closing sales pitch so to speak, as opposed to continuing to beat up your opponent because now voters are in general election mode.”

Couvillon says even though a record number of people voted early, there’s still a large percentage of registered voters who will vote on November eighth. He says many of those prefer to vote on the actual Election Day, others remain undecided.

“There are people that are still making up their minds and so anything that a candidate can do to provide the best case for why he or she should be elected, now is the best time to do so.”