We all love it.  That little treat at the end of the meal that those with a sweet tooth wish would happen at the beginning of the meal.  Dessert.  And as an end to our series for Food Friday's with Jon Soileau, we decided that dessert is a great way to set it off perfectly.

Soileau said that it is the most important part of the meal.  He mentioned an easy thing to do in making desserts is trying fresh fruits.  He has mentioned before grilling fruits and also talked about sauteed apples with bourbon.  Soileau said,

The flavors of those things go so good together.  They're so natural and it's so easy.

Soileau mentioned that it is a great thing to do to think outside the box when you are putting together a dessert.  He encouraged doing things different since the combined flavors often create something that you wouldn't expect.  Soileau mentioned that recipes are readily available on the web for things and usually tell you just how easy or hard it is.

Soileau cautioned that you need to make sure you do it right,

If you deviate from the ratios even slightly sometimes, you're going to have a product come out not correctly.  Desserts are yummy, but they take more precision.

Hear the complete conversation with Personal Chef Jon Soileau below: