Joan and Robert Vanderhorst, were just trying to get home to Bakersfield, California whey they said they were made to suffer a "humiliating" incident at Newark Airport. They are planning to sue American Airlines after they were told their son was a "flight risk."

"It's defamation," Robert Vanderhorst told the Daily News. "It's a violation of his civil rights and its defamation." He is an attorney.

The Vanderhort's were told that their son was seen by the pilot, and the pilot said he didn't feel safe having him on the plane.  Joan tried to record the conversation, but was told she couldn't because they were in a security controlled area.

The Vanderhort's say their son Bede was behaving the whole time.  They say they upgraded their tickets to first class, and that officials did not want them in first class.

Either way, why would you tell a family that this lovely child, just playing with his hat according to his mother, can't fly on the plane.  It's sick. He is Down's Syndrome child.  Yes, he may be different, but there are no safety issues with this child.  I think this airline made a HUGE mistake, and I am betting it is going to cost them dearly!

What were these airline people thinking?  It is so sad that human beings treat other human beings so badly.  They did humiliate this family, and I think it is terrible.  I hope that ignorant people can be taught to realize that even though we are different, we are all humans.  We all deserve love and respect.  Shame on these employees that treated the family this way.