The war was on and many thought that they knew what would happen.  It was QR codes versus the new and exciting digital watermarks.  Jaci Russo stopped by the Afternoon Drive Home to talk about the battle and where she thinks things are.  Russo mentioned the use of the digital watermarks in the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.  She said that the watermarks were hidden in the pictures, but were visible when you used your smartphone with them to get more information.

QR codes on the other hand are very visible and bring out a wealth of information in a visible format that people know is there.  So which format is the big winner?  According to Russo it is the QR Code.

So what happens to the digital watermark?  Russo said,

Sports Illustrated spent a lot of time and money putting this together for the 2012 issue and promoted the heck out of it.  They're not going to let it go.  I expect it is going to emerge again in the 2013 issue.

Listen to the entire conversation with Jaci Russo below: