Disabled veterans will see an increase in their compensation beginning next year thanks to a bill by Congressman Ralph Abraham that has just been signed into law. Abraham says the bill will adjust the amount of compensation veterans receive for disability, dependents, and clothing allowance, as well as compensation for surviving spouses.

“It corrals a lot of things that our veterans have been lacking as far as getting cost of living adjustments on, and this bill puts those all together,” Abraham said.

Abraham says the increase is tied to the social security increase, so we won’t know how much more money these vets will get until the end of November.

“It’s something. I wish it could be more, but at least it’s something, and they certainly deserve it and have earned that right to receive those cost of living adjustments,” Abraham said.

Abraham has been an advocate for veterans since he was elected to Congress in 2014. He says veterans have been failed in a lot of areas by the Department of Veterans Affairs. He says the VA has got to get better.

“It’s got to modernize its equipment. It’s got to hire enough doctors and practitioners to see these veterans so they do not have to wait as they are continuing to do. So we’re pushing, we really are,” Abraham said.