I think we saw it all at the DNC Convention.  From the saying "boo" to God moment to other things, there have been some frightening things happening at the convention that should give everyone pause.

The most bizarre things can be found among the delegates themselves.  They include a button that indicates to everyone that "sluts vote."  In addition, Planned Parenthood handed out condoms that would help protect people from Romney-Ryan.  Another button proclaimed,

Once you vote black, you never go back.  Obama 2012

These are the things that you have to look for in the media.  The mainstream press will not report on these things.  These are the very things they need to report on, but they know in doing so, that will force an election where the GOP ends up with a 70 percent advantage.

The things that happened at the Democratic Convention that are like this need to be shouted far and wide so that people know what kind of extremes are being represented by those in the Democratic Party.  Don't get me wrong, the party itself is not evil nor are the people in it.  However, when things like this are allowed and encouraged, it shows a party that is not in the mainstream of America.

Republicans too have their extremes, but I doubt very seriously that you would see any of those on the fringe of the GOP doing things like this.  Let's not forget as well the Democratic delegate that said she wanted to kill Mitt Romney.  Did you hear any of the Republican delegates wish the same on Obama?  No and let's face it, if it happened, the mainstream press would have shouted it from the mountain.

In times like these, we must all remember to be active in our pursuit of the news.  We can't trust the mainstream press to inform us as they once did many years ago.  We have to dig and dig hard to find the truth.  We must remember that the truth can be found, but only if we are diligent in looking for it.  It is a shame that news is this way, but it is the reality that we now live with.