Feed your chickens left over crawfish bits. They will clean out the heads and the shells are high in calcium, for making stronger eggs.

Posted by South Louisiana Patriots on Monday, March 7, 2016

I saw a post on Facebook that suggested if you feed your chickens leftover crawfish shells it will make their eggs stronger!!!

If so, that is GREAT news for all of us in south Louisiana. I mean after all, isn't Easter just a few weeks away?

But seriously, the post says that crawfish shells are high in calcium, thus it would make the chickens eggs stronger. Great for "egg pocking" during Easter.

I don't know if this is suggestion is true, but if you have any insight here, please inform me in the comment section below. I should note here that some have stated that they have tried this and that the eggs taste different. Again, I am clueless.

Perhaps someone in south Louisiana can either confirm or deny this claim, or simply give it a try in the days/weeks ahead and let us know. What do you have to lose, right?