JIF may just have its next commercial. This one is so funny, it could probably air during the Super Bowl and land somewhere in the top 3. It features a German Shepard named Odin, eating JIF peanut butter in a suit just like a person.

The laughter you hear in the video - which may be aggravating, or elevate the hilarity; depending on who you are - comes from the roommate/cameraman of Odin's owner. His name is Trevin Spencer, and Odin's owner Ashlyn Parker - whose hands you see in the video - is underneath the jacket.

As for how they pulled it off, and where they got their inspiration, CNN got in touch with Trevin who explained everything from their strategy to his uncontrollable laughter. This may just be my canine equivalent to the famous 'I Should Buy A Boat Cat' meme.

Excuse me while I go watch this woodchuck eating an ice cream cone.