Yesterday KPEL 965 reported the story of Julian Whittington, the Bossier Parish sheriff who garnered national headlines after refusing to remove voluntary prayer and mentions of God from the Bossier Parish chapter of Young Marines, a program designed to help troubled youths, despite a written request from the Department of Justice. When Whittington denied the Department of Justice request, the DOJ removed $30,000 of funding from the program. Today, "Mornings with Ken and Bernie" contacted Sheriff Whittington to find out more about the story, and how people can donate to the program.

The Sheriff described the enormous outpouring support he's received in the aftermath of his decision for both himself and for the Young Marines program.  The Sheriff explained that the Young Marines have graduated over 1,000 kids in its 10 years of existence and voluntary prayer has always been apart of the program.

Sheriff Whittington commented that the Bossier Parish Sheriff's office has been inundated with people asking how they can financially support the Young Marines, and while he said they don't have an online donation system set up right now, those who wish to donate can do so by calling the Bossier Sheriff's Office at 318-965-3411.