Deidre Druilhet DOTD photo by KPEL

Deidra Druilhet from the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today to discuss major cost savings for the completion of I-49 South.

When asked what cost savings would be realized Druilhet said,

Approximately $3.7 billion in cost savings for the upgrade of US 90 to I-49 South.

According to Druilhet the savings would come from changes in design plans after reviewing feasibility studies.

We've been able to go back and look at ways we can upgrade US 90 to interstate standards without having to elevate the roadway.  Anytime you talk about elevating a structure like an overpass the cost does increase significantly.

We asked Druilhet why these changes could be made and she said,

The original environmental studies were from about 2005 and there have been a lot of changes made since that time.  Especially improving flood control conditions along certain areas.

You can take a listen to the entire interview by clicking the link below: