The Department of Transportation announces upgrades to their 511 travel information system. Rodney Mallett with DOTD says motorists can now get personalized traffic updates by creating an account at and the system can alert of any traffic disruptions.

“You can set up a route that you’re going to drive every day, and you can get updates sent to you through email or text if something happens along your route,” Mallett said.

Mallett says they also have a new Louisiana 511 app for smartphones that offers hands-free, eyes-free audio notifications for motorists. He says the app has a variety of features, like live streaming traffic cameras, so people can see what the roads are like before they head out the door.

“You can also look at traffic speeds, and it will show you the road conditions if there’s a weather situation, ice storms or floods. It’ll show you construction sites,” Mallett said.

Mallett says they have partnered with Waze, a crowdsource traffic alert site, so the 511 app and website should have more up to date information. He says this allows drivers to make the most informed choices they can make. He says this is especially important for displaced flood victims who are living in new areas.

“For those people to have access to this information will be super vital because they can find their alternate routes, and they won’t be stuck on one of the major thoroughfares,” Mallett said.