Deidre Druilhet Public Information Officer with the Louisiana Department of Transportation visited 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today and said her Department is still fighting rising water in multiple parishes.  According to Druilhet,

Areas that were hit the worst including Evangeline Parish, Acadia Parish and St. Landry Parish are being rained on again today.  We want to make sure that drivers heed those 'high water' signs and barricades in those parishes.  Drivers should remember it is against the law to by-pass a barricade.

In addition to the legal aspects of by-passing a barricade Druilhet said,

It really is difficult to judge depth of water even in broad daylight so a driver could get into real trouble by stalling their car or worse.

Druilhet recommended calling 5-1-1 or visiting the DOTD website to get updates on flooded roads before leaving for a destination.

In addition to flooding we discussed this past year's accomplishments and plans for this upcoming year.

Listen to the interview: