Department of Transportation and Development Public Information Officer for the Acadiana Parishes, Deidra Druilhet joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today to discuss improvements to US Highway 90 in preparation for the upgrade to Interstate standards as well as the new DOTD smartphone app, 'Way to Geaux'. When questioned about the cost of installing J-turns along US 90 in the Broussard/Youngsville area Druilhet reiterated earlier comments saying,

The J-turns really help us to address safety issues that we have along that particular corridor.  Eventually once we get into the process of upgrading US 90 to Interstate standards those J-turns will be done away with.

With regards to cost Druilet said,

Construction of one interstate exchange could cost approximately $20 million while the entire corridor from the Billeaud overpass in Broussard to Wall Road in Youngsville was upgraded with J-turns for a cost of approximately $5 million.  So safety issues have been addressed for the present with a look towards eventual construction of Interstate 49.

Druilet took the opportunity today to announce the launch of DOTD's travel app for smartphones.  According to Druilet,

 We recently launched our new travel app called 'Way To Geaux'.  This app lets motorists with iPhones or Android phones to download this real time free app from their app store and receive real-time travel updates.  You can set the settings to give you updates for a five mile radius or a larger radius if you are traveling statewide.  The 'Way to Geaux' app will help you plan alternate routes to avoid traffic congestion or alert you for a need to plan additional time if not alternate route is available.

Listen to the interview: