Today on 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' Deidre Druilhet, local spokesperson for the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development gave an update on I-49 construction.

When asked if I-49 South would ever be completed and why was construction taking so long Druilhet replied,

You're looking at a project with an estimated cost of $5.2 billion.  What we are doing at this time is looking for alternative sources of funding that we can use.


Druilhet said some things are being accomplished to increase safety in the I-49 corridor.

Last year we finished the widening of Highway 90 from Pinhook Road to Broussard.  That was a huge relief.  Having an extra lane in each direction has greatly relieved traffic congestion making the area safer.

According to Druilhet there are significant costs differences between bringing US 90 up to Interstate standards and implementing needed safety features.

 Right now the cost of implementing an interchange on I-49 South would be approximately $20 million while the cost of the J-turns and other safety features in the Broussard/Youngsville area are approximately $5 million total.

You can hear more of Druilhet's comments on I-49 South and the Interstate Connecter for I-49 to I-10 by listening to the entire interview: