Today on 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' Dr. John Sutherlin, political science professor at ULM analyzed this week's presidential debate.

Sutherlin said moderator Jim Lehrer lost control of the debate shortly after it started and that was unfair to both candidates because topics were not covered adequately.  According to Sutherlin,

One of the things that was very clear was that President Obama was not comfortable having Mitt Romney on the offensive...probably the last time he was challenged in that way was in one of the 2007 debates with Hillary Clinton.

In another observation Dr. Sutherlin said

With the exception of the opening statements Obama never talked about one of his major accomplishments, and I consider it a major accomplishment, saving the auto industry.  That tells you the degree he was put off and rattled...even when he tried to be funny nobody laughed.  Who would have thought that Romney could have been funnier than the President.

Listen to the entire interview: