This video of a driver running over a Donald Trump campaign sign was uploaded to Facebook by the alleged runner-over-er, and the police were alerted to the incident:

The caption accompanying the video read "I love having a jeep sometimes", and it was posted on March 15th.  (Please don't judge all Jeep drivers by this one (alleged) idiot).

Just one day later, the Wilmington Police Department (where the alleged idiot allegedly ran over the alleged sign, advertising the alleged candidate) posted this picture:

Twitter/Wilmington PD

Moral of the story?  When  you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.

Ask almost any Jeep owner about this video, and they will say that this guy is not representative of most Jeep owners.  Most of the Jeep community are very respectful of other's property, including public property.

(Facebook/Julian Schuessler, Twitter/Wilmington PD)