It goes without saying 'Duck Dynasty' is easily one of the hottest shows on television. It's especially popular here in Cajun Country being that the reality show is filmed right here in our great state of Louisiana. The cast members truly make the show what it is, from their animated (yet humble) personalities to their signature beards.

But, those beards weren't always there. Check out these awesome photos of the 'Duck Dynasty' crew, before their signature facial hair! We could barely recognize them! Can you?

Robertson Family, A&E


The boy on the left grew up to become Phil Robertson: Duck Commander. His love for the outdoors and hunting led him to invent the now famous Duck Commander Duck Call in 1973. He is so passionate about his craft that during the ten-week period of hunting season he doesn't shave, shower or wash his clothes to guarantee the biggest catch. The fact that he chose that lifestyle over a career in the NFL let's you know that Phil is the real deal!

Robertson family, A&E


One of the most animated characters on the 'Duck Dynasty' show is Uncle Si. One of his signature accessories is his trusty "cup." He's always got it nearby, and most of the time it's in his hand as he sips on his tea; but did you know there was more to the story of that blue mug? The Vietnam veteran's most famous war tale is that while he was overseas his mother sent him the blue mug. Over thirty years later, it still hangs from his back pocket as he continues to drink from it on a daily basis.

Robertson family, A&E


Check out the mullet on Willie Robertson back in the day during his days as a student at LSU! These days, Willie is the CEO of Duck Commander and the only Robertson with a business degree. He is the one responsible for taking the company from the living room to the prime destination for any and all things outdoors. He may seem to get frustrated with working with family at times, but we're pretty sure the millionaire wouldn't have it any other way.

Robertson family, A&E


Jase is a fan favorite amongst the 'Duck Dynasty' die-hards, but we barely recognized him with Missy on their wedding day twenty years ago! The couple is still happily married and judging by the success of the show and their on-screen chemistry, it seems as if they are still doing just as fine as they were on the day they both said, "I do."

Speaking of Jase and Missy, check out this pic of the pair when they were just high school sweethearts!
Robertson family, A&E
Here is another photo of the couple at the beach with their family. You can see what may have been the beginning of Jase's signature beard coming in nicely.
Robertson family, A&E
Here is a similar family beach pic from Willie and Korie. Nice highlights dude!
Robertson family, A&E

If you enjoyed these throwback photos of the 'Duck Dynasty' crew, there are a slew of them over at the A&E website. Head on over and check out the Robertson nostalgia.