If you are like me, you are always trying to save money on things when you can. My mother always told me don't scrimp on certain items, like tuna fish, and toilet paper, and she was right! But other times I am more than happy to buy the store brand, or even knock offs.

MSN has compiled a list of things that we are paying for, when really we shouldn't be. Kinda crazy, I know, but when was the last time you actually drank water from the faucet or the outside hose? And the people that make bottled water are making a fortune! The list of dumb things we are paying for is below, and please don't let it ruin your day.


  • Bottled Water - use the faucet!
  • Books - libraries are still free in America
  • Brand Names - most of the time the store brand is just as good, and contain the same ingredients. Just check the labels.
  • Credit Reports - free once a year from annualcreditreport.com
  • Pets - do you really need a registered pooch? Shelters are full of animals just waiting for their forever homes.
  • Bank Fees - you can always switch to a smaller bank or credit union to avoid these
  • Low Insurance Deductibles - Insurance companies are counting on you not checking the box for a higher deductible, which could lower your monthly premium by thousands
  • Credit Card Interest - there are so many ways to get around these huge fees! Use low interest savings to pay off high interest credit cards, for one.
  • Basic Tax Preparation - lots of free online services available
  • Shipping Charges - lots of stores and services will offer free shipping, but you need to investigate before you buy
  • Life Insurance for Kids - only if they have a pre existing condition. These policies are generally set up for lost income, sooooo, does your child work?
  • Things People are giving away for free - check Craigslist or Freecycle before making a purchase of something that someone else is willing to just give you.