City-Parish President Joey Durel stopped by "Mornings with Ken and Bernie" today for our weekly "Lafayette Live" segment.

This week Durel answered questions about controversial budget allocations.

This is not the tax payers against the tax payers. The fallacy that we've been dealing with for many years is that we are not consolidated. Forget the discussion that the small towns are not part of consolidation. Technically, the legal entity that is city government still exists as a separate legal entity from parish government, which exists as a separate legal entity from the city. They didn't combine the books. What got consolidated was the services. The theory was that having one city-parish president was cheaper than having a parish president getting paid a full salary as a parish president. Instead of having a mayor for each city getting paid a salary, the position would be combined into one. Everyone thought this system would be more efficient.

On the outside allocation company:

What we've discovered, contrary to all our beliefs, is that no real in-depth analysis was ever done. While I was told, for example, that my office would be reenburssed by the parish to the tune of about 32%, we're now finding out that it's actually around 16%.

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