A fresh and energized Joey Durel joined "Mornings with Ken and Bernie"  today for our weekly "Lafayette Live" segment eager to discuss the many events coming up in Lafayette Parish over the next few weeks.

The City-Parish President was looking forward to this weekend's homecoming activities at UL. He remarked on the positive impact the university has on the community as a whole.

I'm so glad to see the community really starting to understand how important this university is to us and our economy and our quality of life. To see the enthusiasm and people getting behind it shows that people are really starting to see that this university is a big part of why you are here today and why you have a job today.

Durel urged listeners to get out to Cajun Field this weekend and cheer on the home team.

You see the discussion and the plans of the university really doing some wonderful expansion including growing the stadium and expanding which would bring in better teams and help in recruiting. It's time, it's time for Lafayette to bring it to another level. So it's important that the turnstile is actually turning.

Those who've paid close attention to Durel over the last few years know that the Horse Farm is a project near and dear to the City-Parish President's heart. Mr. Durel explained how excited he is that the park is finally ready to be introduced to the city, and how he looks forward to giving the community the opportunity to contribute to its growth.

On October 27, Saturday Morning From 8:00 am - 2:00 pm we are going to open the Horse Farm up for free, and the theme of that day is bring your children out there and your cameras so that they can take pictures and they'll be able to show their children in 20-30 years what the Horse Farm used to look like.

Mr. Durel expressed his desire to connect the children of Acadiana to the Horse Farm.

The event is free. There is no reason to bring a penny, but we're going to have a few little trinkets for sale that will give people the opportunity to make a contribution to the Horse Farm. We may put out a box or a goldfish bowl so that kids can throw in their quarters. I want them to feel like they helped pay for this.

The City-Parish President will take a two week break from Lafayette Live, but will be back on the air before the end of the month.

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