A front page article in Tuesday's Daily Advertiser detailed an investigation by the Louisiana Legislative Auditor's Office which suggested that the LPTFA "lacks an ethics policy or training". This report comes in the wake of an ethics charged filed against a former LPTFA board chairman.

Lafayette City-Parish President Joey Durel stopped by “Mornings with Ken and Bernie” for his weekly “Lafayette Live” segment to discuss the LPTFA and to explain why he believes the organization is great for the community.

Durel had high praise for the organization, reminding listeners that though they may be currently facing scrutiny for the transgressions of former members, the LPTFA has done many good deeds for Lafayette.

Many years ago when the old Lafayette Building Association was moving, the LPTFA bought the building and today we have the Acadiana Center for the Arts.


When the federal courthouse was moving and turning into a homeless shelter of sorts, the LPTFA stepped up, bought and preserved the building, and we think one day it will become a tremendous downtown development for residential and commercial, kind of like you have at Mainstreet at River Ranch.

Durel stated that while the Louisiana Legislative Auditor's Office did find room for improvement within the LPTFA, they did not find anything alarming.

I think they got some suggestions. The audit overall was not too bad, they didn't find anything that was really glaring. The LTPFA does great work for Lafayette.  They've always operated under tremendous integrity and I certainly appreciate them a lot.


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