City-Parish President Joey Durel joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' to discuss a number of items including:

  • This week's Consolidated Government council meeting involved a resolution to institute a "weighted" voting system.
  • Consolidated Government budget for the coming fiscal year.
  • Presentation of the vision statement for the Comprehensive Plan.
  • The formal signing of the purchase of the UL Horse Farm taking place this Saturday morning.

In regards to the 'weighted' voting resolution discussed at this week's Council meeting Durel said,

"We are a very un-American government here in Lafayette.  What we have in Lafayette is like having a Canadian run for President.  In Lafayette we have non-tax paying citizens being able to run for City-Parish President."

According to the Durel the vision statement for the Comprehensive Plan was officially adopted by the Planning Commission.  Durel said,

"It just felt right to have the Council show it's support with unanimous approval."

Further Durel said,

"I was asked what this would cost Consolidated Government and in answering my question was 'what will it cost Lafayette Parish if we do not implement the Comprehensive Plan'"?

Listen to the interview: