City-Parish President Joey Durel stands firm with his decision not to enforce a recently passed ordinance banning the long-term use of recreational vehicles as housing in unincorporated areas of the parish. An ordinance which passed after overriding an earlier veto by Durel.

The City-Parish President joined "Mornings with Ken and Bernie" today to talk about his opposition to the ordinance.

"It’s been somewhat poorly reported," said Durel to KPEL. "I read in one article where it said I’m not enforcing it because I don’t agree with it. That was a very disingenuous statement."

Durel says his issue with the ordinance is that it gives the City-Parish President the power to decide when and where to enforce. This, Durel believes, does not allow for equal enforcement of the law.

You get someone in my position who is vindictive, they can choose to use this ordinance however they want. They can reward their buddies or punish their enemies ... and I don't want to see something pass that makes that possible. - Joey Durel

Durel says the ordinance as it currently stands will put campgrounds out of business and turn many campground residents into law-breakers.

Campgrounds have people who come here from other states that go work offshore, come back in, return home for awhile, then come back in, go back offshore then come back in. After six months these people would be breaking the law. - Joey Durel 

Though Durel and the council appear to be far apart on the issue, the City-Parish President believes the majority of the conflict is the result of miscommunication.

The councilmen and our staff all had the best of intentions, and I think it will get fixed. It will be done in a way that we can get it enforced, but I want the ability for me to pick and choose how to enforce it removed. - Joey Durel 

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