With Mardi Gras on the horizon, City Parish President Joey Durel joined us on the phone during the Afternoon Drive Home.

We first asked him about Mardi Gras and if there was any thought to cancellation of everything.  Durel said,

I will tell you to my knowledge what I have been told, there has never been a Mardi Gras Day Parade cancelled.

He encouraged everyone to dress appropriately for the festivities.  Durel also said that the final decision would take place between him, his staff, the police chief and the head of the Southwest Mardi Gras Krewe.

Durel also took the time to say a word of thanks to the crews that clean up after the parades take place.

They start immediately behind the last float...the amazing amount of work they do overnight to where it almost doesn't look like that there was a parade the next day.

Durel turned his attention to the State of the Parish and his goals for the remainder of his time as City Parish President.  He reiterated his three goals of fixing consolidated government, setting up a map for annexation and improving relations with Broussard.

These are the three things that I want to get done with my time in office because I don't want future mayors to have to deal with these.

Listen to our entire conversation with City Parish President Joey Durel below: