On Friday night, Duson Police officers saw a man on a motorcycle speeding, so they tried to stop the man on Toby Mouton Road, but he took off.

The man, 25-year-old Kyle Romero, ran a stop sign and was chased for about two miles while speeding away from officers.

Romero lost control of this motorcycle near the railroad tracks on Richfield near Cameron Street.

While being taken away in an ambulance for treatment of injuries in the crash, he became violent with the paramedic.

They pulled the ambulance over, and that's when Romero broke out of the ambulance.

While police were searching for Kyle, his sister Kyra Romero, tried to get the attention off of her brother by creating a disturbance. It didn't work at Kyle Romero was found in a truck. He and his sister were arrested.

Kyle Romero was arrested on the following charges:

  • Reckless operation of a vehicle
  • Switched license plate (Romero had the wrong license plate on the motorcycle. It had been stolen the prior week)
  • Aggravated flight from an officer
  • Battery on a police officer
  • Battery (Medic)
  • Resisting an officer (false name)
  • Unauthorized Use of a moveable
  • Simple Escape

Kyra Romero was booked for interfering with a police investigation and resisting an officer.