I thought the day after Thanksgiving was rough due to the carb overload but Easter is epic!  The aromas coming out of the kitchen for Thanksgiving or Christmas can certainly be tempting but what happens at Easter is one carb happy, cholesterol inducing coma sort of event.

With Christmas or Thanksgiving we generally are busy with other activities to keep our minds off the grub until the last minute.  With Easter many of us have been fasting or observing some sort of food related penance for 40 days so the shock is monumental.  Let's face the impossibility of moderation when we have been carb deprived for a couple of days, much less 40 days.

I've spoken to people that had crawfish, turkey, ham and other delights for Easter.  At the Romero household it was barbequed pork fingers, Steen's injected sausage and brisket surrounded by rice dressing, potato salad, baked beans, garlic French bread and even light salad with chopped ham, sweet peas, lettuce and macaroni.  Let's not forget the second shift, dessert!  Awesome coconut cake, carrot cake and even chocolate covered strawberries.

After all of the above I had to resort to the heart-starter dark roast French press coffee made in my French press Christmas present.  Ahhh...caffeine to the max!

I did manage to seek in a nap between the first and second shifts but I put off the walk until this afternoon.  My body doesn't seem to have adjusted yet.  I still feel full from yesterdays food throw-down and I didn't even give up any of those foods for Lent.  Thank God I didn't give up anything for Lent otherwise I might be in a food coma at some local hospital.

Hoping you had a great Easter yesterday and looking forward to...?  Maybe labor Day or Memorial Day...I never can remember which one is first but the 4th of July is between the two and that means BBQ!