This is my second year being able to take part in the Eat Lafayette campaign and I have to tell you I enjoy it so much! There are so many amazing places to eat in Lafayette that it would take you months, if not years, to go to every one of them.

Part of what I love about Eat Lafayette is getting to try places that I have never eaten at before. And this one was not only a place that I had not eaten at before, but the style of food was something I had never tried before.

Masala specializes in Indian food. The word itself means "an aromatic collection of spices; the building block of Indian cuisine." Owner Shashi Gupta was so welcoming to me and my father and took us through what we felt like was a trip to India.

We sat in one of the booths pictured above. We started out with a unique, yet very delicious homeade mango yogurt shake called lassi. We then moved tried different items such as samosas (flaky stuffed pastry delicately spiced with herbs, peas and your choice of either lamb or potato), naan (leavened dough baked in a clay oven), and all sorts of meats and rice.

For dessert, we got to try kheer, an Indian rice pudding made with reduced milk, almonds and pistachios. Then we got to pick from a dessert tray that you will have to see in the video to believe! Chocolate has never looked so beautiful!

After chatting with Mrs. Gupta throughout our delicious meal, one thing definitely stood out! The food has such a fresh taste to it, which is something that Masala prides themselves on. I definitely recommend this restaurant, whether you're looking to try something from a different culture, or you just want to eat good food in a relaxed environment. Watch my video below and Let's Eat Lafayette!