Chef Pat Mould said he has been amazed by expanding variety of restaurants in Lafayette, and he said programs like Eat Lafayette! help to promote the food culture for which Acadiana is famous.

Chef Mould, who joined "Nathan & Bernie in the Morning" Friday, said he never would have imagined the response by the community to, at the time, new restaurant ideas.

"I was looking at the list of ethnic cuisines and types of restaurants we have here in Lafayette, and it really runs the gamut," Mould said. He went on to rattle off the different types of food Lafayette restaurants offer, including Asian, barbecue, Cajun, Indian, Italian, Latin, Mediterranean, and others. The variety of different restaurants is "really expanding," Mould said.

Eat Lafayette! also helps out restaurants that usually see a downtick in customer traffic during the summer months, Mould said.

And for those who don't necessarily want to eat, Mould said Eat Lafayette! has incentivized those people by offering a free cruise, winners of which will be picked out from those who register for the trip at participating restaurants.

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