Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore has announced that he will recuse himself and his office from the investigation into the police shooting of Alton Sterling. Moore says he has no direct relationship with either officer involved, but he is close with the parents of Officer Blane Salamoni.

“Due to the professional relationship that I’ve had with his parents of one of the officers involved, the best way that I can maintain that trust is to request another prosecutor be appointed,” Moore said.

According to a report released by Moore’s office, Salamoni’s mother was the Violent Crime and Crime Scene Commander during most of Moore’s time in office, and Salamoni’s father has commanded the department’s special operations unit during the same time period. Protestors have been calling for justice since Sterling’s death, and Moore says that’s what he is trying to give them.

“Fairness dictates in this case that this is what happen. I don’t like running from anything. This is one that I’m not running from. This is one that this is justice by doing what I’m doing for all parties involved and for the community,” Moore said.

Attorney General Jeff Landry issued a statement saying the US Attorney’s Office has told the Louisiana Department of Justice that the state will not have access to the investigation until the federal case is complete. Moore says it’s best to just let the feds do their work first.

“They’re completely independent from nowhere around here, no relationships as I have these personal relationships. So it’s best for them to do their investigation,” Moore said.

Landry’s office will appoint a prosecutor for any state charges that may be filed after the federal investigation has been conducted.