The state Legislature recently passed a number of sweeping education reforms and Superintendent of Education John White joined "Mornings With Ken & Bernie" today to discuss them.  White will be in Lafayette this afternoon to discuss "Louisiana Believes" with local principals and teachers.

White said "first and foremost, our customer, the person we have to serve best is the child".  Instead of focusing on problems of the past White said the education system has to focus on ways to help children learn the best they can.

According to Supt. White, we as a state don't give ourselves and our educators enough credit for the improvements of the past few years.

When asked how can we get parents more involved White responded,

"some people blame the parents, some people blame the teachers none of it in my view gets us anywhere for children.  The question is how can we get parents involved".  "We can work on those things together without laying blame".

Listen to the interview: