I really would like the help of all KPEL NewsJunkies with the question I will pose in this opinion piece.

Since his release from prison Edwin Edwards has claimed the limelight for many things including marrying a much younger woman who corresponded with him in jail, fathering a child with said new wife, a failed 'reality show' and now his decision concerning a run for a Congressional seat.

I have written opinion pieces dealing with all of Edwards' exploits and have made comments on the air for which I have received at least one e-mail chastising me for 'bringing down Edwards'.  In discussing a 101 year old Florida man who has decided to run for Congress what I specifically said was "I think I’d vote for him – he doesn’t have a criminal record”. My detractor felt what I said "was unfair – using a position in front of the microphone to pull someone down.  I also thought the remark was childish and bullying".

My question for you as a KPEL NewsJunkie is this, am I using my position behind a microphone to 'pull Edwards down" or has he done enough on his own with his felony conviction, his much-publicized 'fatherly' antics, reality show and now his teasing a run Congress?

Please answer the questionnaire below and share on Facebook. I really would like top know how everyone feels so I can respond to my critic on Monday.