Former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards joined "Mornings With Ken and Bernie" today to give his opinion on current events in the state.  The four term governor touches on issues from education to the oil and gas industry.

The former governor says he finds it difficult to the believe that the current administration in Washington D.C. could have the kind of stance on the oil and gas industry that they have.  Edwards says the XL Keystone Pipeline is a project that the administration should champion with the amount of jobs and revenue it would bring not only to the state, but the country as a whole.

Edwards spent much of the interview also giving his opinions on the what is happening in the state to reform education.  While Edwards agrees that much must change with the current system, he expressed many concerns that the Jindal administration might not being doing enough to work with teachers.  He says it is a difficult issue, and that the state should look at multiple avenues to find various answers to the many struggles facing the state when in it comes to education.

Edwards shares his views with Bernadette Lee from "Mornings With Ken and Bernie":