Recently Jeremy Alford of visited with Dr. John Sutherlin and Ken Romero on 'Go Acadiana' to discuss two political polls showing former Gov. Edwin Edwards leading in the race for Congress.

Four-time governor and convicted felon Edwin Edwards is leading an already crowded field in a run for the 6th Congressional seat. We asked Alford to explain the results and methodology. According to Alford,

The 'short and skinny' is that Edwards looks like he's runoff bound.

In an automated poll conducted by Darrell Glasscock...The 'short and skinny' is that Edwards looks like he's runoff bound. Barring some type of miracle by his opponents. Anything further than that will take some doing. He led the poll with 43% straight out of the gate. The closest opponents were Dan Claitor with 20% and Paul Dietzel in a statistical tie.

Another poll was conducted and Alford had details of that poll as well.

We also obtained a second poll yesterday by JNC Analytics that was paid for by the Dietzel campaign that kinda jived with those numbers. In a runoff scenario Dietzel at 43%, Edwards had 34%. With Dietzel and Claitor same thing, statistical tie. But it looks Edwards topping out at 47.

Dr. John Sutherlin asked Alford if Edwards really has a chance of winning this race. Alford replied,

It depends who he gets into a runoff with. Judging by these numbers in two separate polls whoever he gets into the runoff with has the edge. He has the challenge of having to retell his story all over again to the electorate with a keen eye to making them forget forget about recent chapters.

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