I am not one of those with inside knowledge of poll and data.  That said, I can look and see things that are happening in the polls that all of us see in the public and I am seeing the thing that happens in every race.  Things tighten in the end.  Rasmussen is close, Fox News is close, all of them indicate that this one is going down to the wire.

But is it really?  Romney came on strong after the debates and it looked like his race to lose.  Then Sandy came along and made us remember that we are all Americans and that we need to reach out and help one another.  Still, the election in my mind is still Romney's to lose.  We have seen polling from individual states that show that Florida, North Carolina and Colorado seem to be in Romney's area.  That helps a little.  It also helps that he is trending in Ohio and Pennsylvania.  The ultimate question is that going to be the case on Tuesday?  It might be, but it is relatively close.

Dick Morris said that this is a landslide for Romney and it may yet be that.  It might be more likely a close race along the lines of 2004 where one state would have made the difference.  One thing that I don't see is that this will go the other way and be an Obama landslide along the lines of 2008.  There are just too many people that don't like the man.

The one, ultimate poll that you need to watch is just where are the independent voters breaking.  Last time I saw they were heavily going toward Romney.  We'll see, but I think that we are looking at a solid, but unspectacular win for Romney.  Either way, whether I am right or wrong, it will be a roller coaster ride.