Results of the 2012 election are in.

Ballot Item Candidate Percentage
President - Louisiana Numbers Barack Obama     39%

Mitt Romney     59%
3rd Congressional District Jeff Landry     30%

Charles Boustany     45%

Ron Richard     22%

Bryan Barrilleaux       3%

Jim Stark       1%
5th Congressional District Rodney Alexander     78%

Clay Grant       8%

Ron Ceasar     14%
Public Service Commission - District 2 Scott A. Angelle     57%

Greg Gaubert      3%

Sarah Holliday      8%

Erich Ponti     12%

Forest Wright     20%
Amendment 1 - Medicaid Trust Fund for the Elderly Yes     71%

No     29%
Amendment 2 - Right to Keep and Bear Arms Yes     74%

No     26%
Amendment 3 – Pre-filing of Legislation for Retirement and Public Employees Yes     64%

No     36%
Amendment 4 - Homestead Exemption for Surviving Spouse of Deceased Veteran Yes     74%

No     26%
Amendment 5 - Forfeiture Retirement Benefit Public Official Convicted of a Felony Yes     71%

No     29%
Amendment 6 - Governing Authority of New Iberia Yes     42%

No     58%
Amendment 7 - Provides filling of vacancies on boards and commissions Yes     61%

No     39%
Amendment 8 - State Board Industry Tax Exemptions Yes     52%

No     48%
Amendment 9 - Security District Yes     56%

No     44%
Lafayette City-Parish Airport Renewal Yes      64%

No      36%
Lafayette City-Parish Drainage Renewal Yes      67%

No      33%
Lafayette City-Parish Library Renewal Yes      66%

No      34%
Lafayette City-Parish School Board Renewal Yes      66%

No      34%
City of Lafayette - Fire Yes      73%

No      27%
City of Lafayette - Police Yes      70%

No      30%
Constable Justice of the Peace Ward 4 Mike Habetz Unopposed
Mayor City of Rayne Roland Boudreaux       37%

Cheryl Richard       19%

Chuck Robichaux
Alderman Village of Morse Darlene                                  Thibodeaux
Member of School Board District 9 Dana P. Dugas       68%

Jene Elliot Nora Sr.       32%
Mayor City of New Iberia Hilda Daigre Curry Unopposed
Mayor Town of Delcambre Carol Broussard       68%

Jeff P. LeBlanc       32%
Mayor Village of Loreauville Albert "Al" Broussard Unopposed
Chief of Police Town of Delcambre James Broussard       54%

Brady Segura       46%
Council Member at Large, City of New Iberia Dan Doerle Unopposed
Alderman District 1, Town of Delcambre Scott Saunier Unopposed
Alderman District 5, Town of Delcambre Mildred D. Delcambre Unopposed
Aldermen Village of Loreauville, 3 to be elected Brad Clifton   Elected

Mark Landry   Elected

Sandy Sonnier   Elected
Council Member District 1, City of New Iberia Shelley Greer Hebert      37%

Natalie Lopez Robin      42%

Rocky Romero      21%
Council Member District 2, City of New Iberia Peggy Lewis Gerac Unopposed
Council Member District 3, City of New Iberia David Broussard      45%

Robert Suire      55%
Council Member District 4, City of New Iberia David John Merrill Unopposed
Council Member District 5, City of New Iberia Oneal Jones III      36%

Raymond "Shoe-Do" Lewis      64%
Council Member District 6, City of New Iberia Calvin Begnaud Unopposed
Member of School Board District 9 Armand Castille      37%

Jarvis J. Claiborne      19%

"Randy" Wagley      44%
Justice(s) of the Peace Justice of the Peace District 6 Donna Dupre Unopposed
Alderman District D, Town of Krotz Springs John "Craig" Burghdoff     43%

"Cindy" Stelly     57%
Justice of the Peace Justice of the Peace Ward 1 Neal Trahan Unopposed
Mayor City of Morgan City Larry P. Bergeron     17%

Lee A. Dragna     19%

Frank "Boo" Grizzaffi

Bart L. Mancuso     14%

Kevin J. Voisin     14%
Council Member City of Patterson Charles Sawyer Unopposed
Councilman District 1, City of Morgan City Drue C. Clement     32%

"Tim" Hymel     68%
Councilman District 2, City of Morgan City Barry J. Dufrene Unopposed
Councilman District 3, City of Morgan City "Ron" Bias     60%

C. E. "Charlie" Pratt     40%
Councilman District 4, City of Morgan City Ronald Berry     39%

James Fontenot     61%
Councilman District 5, City of Morgan City Mac R. Bruno     23%

Louis J. Tamporello Jr.     77%