CLECO is working electricity problems throughout the city of Ville Platte Tuesday, ahead of Tuesday night's shutdown of gas because of the broken gas line.

On their facebook page, Ville Platte Mayor Jennifer Vidrine says parts of the city are without electricity, and several redlights are being affected. "Remember, when redlights are not working the intersection is to be treated as a 4 way stop," says Mayor Vidrine.

As for the city being without gas, that will happen tonight and should last through tomorrow morning. Mayor Vidrine says the gas should be back on by Wednesday afternoon, but she gives this warning:

Please do not try and turn your gas on without clearance from a Ville Platte city worker. It is not safe!

Mayor Vidrine says city workers will be going door to door to turn the gas back on. "We do apologize for this situation," says Mayor Vidrine. "If this is a practice test of the way Hurricane Season is going to be, we will definitely be prepared!"