In 1966 Elvis Presley and his new bride Priscilla spent their honeymoon in Palm Springs, California, at a gorgeous home that Look magazine called 'The House of Tomorrow'. Gorgeous, and now up for sale, all you Elvis fans! The home was actually rented by Elvis before the wedding, and he lived there for a year. The 5 bedroom house was featured in the film 'Elvis and Me', and also in the documentary 'Elvis by the Presley', and has been completely restored by it's current own M.L. Lewis, to all it's 1960's glory and splendor. This place is AWESOME!!

Right now the house is a museum, which is open to the public, and it has lots of Elvis memorabilia that the new owners will get to keep. It even has the original rental agreement for the Presley's honeymoon! All you need is a cool $9.5 million, and the good folks at Hilton and Hyland Realty can help get you in to the house of your (Elvis) dreams. By the way, these are the same folks who are helping Hugh Hefner sell his Playboy Mansion.

Check out the photos of the updated 'Honeymoon Home', and sigh at the beauty.