New Orleans Representative Jared Brossett has pre-filed two bills he says will crack down on crime.  I wonder if he is aware of other laws already on the books? 

One of the proposed bills would stiffen the penalty on those who "recklessly discharge" a firearm on or near a school campus.  Brossett says anyone convicted of the proposed new crime would be fined up to $5,000 and could be jailed for five to ten years.  The second of Brossett's bills would increase penalties for people who break into homes.

I was shocked to learn there is no minimum sentence for breaking into a home so I guess I agree with Brossett on that point.

On the firearm proposal I think Brossett is wasting time.  There are laws on the books already that make it a crime to discharge a firearm within the limits of most municipalities.  What's the point in increasing the penalty if we can't enforce the law that is already there?  Does Brossett honestly believe that a criminal will say " ooh, I'm too close to that school to shoot my victim.  I'd better stab him or her".  Or the criminal might think "I'm too close to that school so I'll lure the victim to the next block".  Right!  These people are criminals!!!  They are breaking the law anyway.  They don't care about any law!

One of our KPEL News Junkies says he recently saw a sign at his bank that stated patrons were not allowed to wear "hoodies" in the bank because of a recent string of bank robberies.  DUH...did bank management think criminals would walk up and say "I'll have to take my hoodie off or I can't go in to rob this bank"?  I bet that sign deterred a lot of bank robbers!  Just like Brossett's proposed law will keep criminals for firing a gun near a school.