I had my first early voting experience today and I have to say it was good!  Going during the lunch hour may not be the wisest move however.  I lucked out and found a parking place about a block away.  True there are designated parking slots around the Registrar of Voters office but of course they were filled by earlier early voters.  Didn't mind the walk in the sunshine on this beautiful day.

The sunshine walk was a warm up for the trek up the three flights of stairs!  Elevator was out but the walk up just proved to me that the latest heart surgery worked out well.  Not even breathing hard when I got to the registrars office.  Of course there was a wait but it wasn't very long, people in line were pleasant and the staff in Registrar Charlene Menard's office was great.

Yes, even though the Registrar knows me by sight she asked for my picture ID and I had to sign in the usual book that is at my precinct on election day.  Pleasant, efficient staff and I got to vote a week ahead of time!

The actual voting experience was great and I walked out thanking the valiant men and women who sacrificed their all to insure my right to vote.  So many times we grumble about the election process, the never-ending commercials, the mud slinging and the wait in line to vote but I'm grateful we can exercise this right.  I hope every American will research the candidates and the issues then vote on election day.  No matter what the weather is like you have to think about those soldiers who died in the freezing cold trenches to protect your right to vote. Our forefathers left Europe and struggled against tyranny to give us this freedom.  I hope no American will waste a vote because of weather or inconvenience.  Let's make the most of our right especially during this most important election in recent history.