You can sign up on the "do not call registry" and almost get peace and quiet. Notice I said "almost". Calls from elected officials and political survey firms are still allowed to disrupt your life.

It's bad enough that Congress has deemed it acceptable to interrupt family meals, sleep or normal daily activity with "robo-calls" at election time but we also have to put up with political surveys.  I know everyone has to make a living and I know the people working for the survey companies are feeding families but I don't want to answer questions on the phone.  I will make my opinion known in the voting booth!

Back before computers pollsters generally went door-to-door or mail out forms.  These days the forms would get trashed as junk mail and going door-to-door would probably get you shot or skew the sample by choosing only safe neighborhoods.

I don't really care about the few jobs provided by pollsters but I do care about invasions of my time and the inconvenience caused by these interruptions.

Polls are being used more and more by candidates to sway us by tailoring their rhetoric to match our needs.

The calls which are exempted are just one more example of members of Congress passing laws that do not apply to themselves.  Maybe it's time we ask our members of Congress for their home and cell phone numbers so we could call them direct with our problems and concerns.  I bet if we interrupt a few of their meals and private family moments with a call or two ( hundred ) they might repeal that political exemption.

What prompted this opinion piece is the straw that broke the camel's back....the call I got on New Year's Eve at 6:00PM!!!!  I was in the middle of a personal call when "call waiting" indicated I had an incoming call....from a pollster!  On New Year's Eve!!!  What could be so important?

Let's ring in the New Year by shutting off the ringing of political phone calls.