Entergy Louisiana broke ground today on an $869-million power plant in St. Charles Parish. Michael Burns with Entergy says this new power station will provide Louisianans with affordable and reliable electricity.

He says it will be one of the cleanest and most efficient natural gas plants.

“Once the plant is in operation, its first full year of operation in 2020, we expect to save $105 million in fuel cost for customers.”

And Burns says over the next 30 years, customer savings will total 1.3 billion dollars. He also says the power plant will produce jobs.

“At the peak of construction, there will be more than 700 people working on site. Once the plant is in operation, Entergy Louisiana expects to employ 31 people to operate the plant.”

Burns says the plant will begin operations in June of 2019. He says this power station is an excellent example of Entergy’s commitment of modern facilities and customer service.

“Not only is it going to produce significant customer savings over the long term but it’s going to add another highly efficient resource to our generation fleet.”