Hunter Tribe and Brittney Reed of Erath, LA made daytime TV history by throwing together a 'Wedding In A Week' on the Rachael Ray Show.

Most people take a year to do it, but Hunter and Brittney had 5 days to get everything ready for their wedding day—a moment they would never forget. The cake, the registry, the rings; and of course, the dress.

The couple originally flew up to the Big Apple to be featured on a show where Hunter would receive a pair of special e-Sight glasses to help him see. Hunter has suffered from progressive vision loss for the last 18 years due to his Stargardt disease.

In other words, he is legally blind—but because of these special glasses, Hunter was able to see Brittney for the first time.

Her beauty was definitely something special because the moment Hunter was able to see his girlfriend, he dropped to one knee and asked her to be his wife. As if that wasn't enough to process, Brittney was even more shocked when Hunter told her they would tie the knot in a week on live TV!

The couple stopped by our studios upon their return and filled us in on the entire experience and we still can't fathom how they did it.

As for their plans now that they're home, Hunter and Brittney plan on taking some time to let things soak in and hopefully they'll be throwing a reception soon for friends and family that rivals the magnitude of their amazing wedding ceremony!

We wish the beautiful couple the best of luck on their new life together!

[via Rachael Ray]