Celebrity environmental activist Erin Brockovich recently visited the Bayou Corne salt dome sinkhole to meet with affected residents. Brockovich urged residents facing imminent danger to evacuate their homes and to be prepared to take legal action against the parties responsible for the environmental disaster.

Brockovich explained to reporters,

“They’re being told, ‘This is dangerous. Get out! They need to get out. That land, those homes, it's useless now."

“Unfortunately, the company is not doing the right thing by them. It’s a disaster and it should have been dealt with seven months ago.”


The celebrity activist asked Bayou Corne area residents to remain united when taking on the on the guilty parties in the aftermath of the sinkhole disaster, reminding them that a unified community will give the victims best the chance of receiving financial retribution in court.

Around 350 Assumption Parish residents have received evacuation orders from their homes as the result of the sinkhole which is expected to grow up to the size of 30 football fields.

Brockovich was famously portrayed by Julia Roberts in the Oscar winning film Erin Brockovich. The film detailed Brockovich's fight against the Pacific Gas and Electric Company following a water contamination scandal in Hinkley, California.