A new offer has been put on the table from the New Orleans Saints to quarterback Drew Brees.

ESPN’s Ed Werder is reporting a source close to the negotiations says that New Orleans Saints general manager Mickey Loomis submitted a revised contract proposal to the Pro Bowl-winning quarterback's representatives Thursday. Reportedly, there has been a $2 million gap between what Brees wants per year and what the team wants to give him. According to reports, Brees has wanted $21 million a year, while the Saints organization has offered $19 million a year.

Brees has even refused to sign a franchise tag offered by the team that would have been good for only one year and is currently worth over $16 million. But he went through a similar situation in San Diego, where the Chargers franchised tagged him then released him the next year after he suffered an injury.

The terms of the offer have not been released, but Werder says the deal could surpass Peyton Manning, making Brees the NFL’s highest-paid player. Brees missed the mandatory minicamp that wrapped up Thursday because he didn't have a contract signed with the Saints.