34-year-old Eugene Chambers, Jr. is accused of trying to burn down a house in the Eunice area on Wednesday.

St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Office PIO Major Eddie Thibodeaux says one of their responding deputies arrived on Jacob Road to see Chambers allegedly standing in the front yard carrying a metal pipe. After much alleged resistance by Chambers, he was eventually placed in the squad car.

Deputies say Chambers had forced a victim at the scene and six children, which ranged in ages from 2 to 13-years-old, to leave the home as he allegedly threatened to burn the house down while pouring gasoline on it and on the victim.

Chambers is now sitting behind bars on a $23,000.00 bond on the following charges:

  • Attempted Aggravated
  • Arson
  • Aggravated Assault
  • Resisting an Officer