(Photo of Sparkle Anderson courtesy of Eunice Police)














Adrienne Patrice Savoy (aka Adrienne Patrice Anderson) and her daughter Sparkle Anderson are accused of trying to steal soap and laundry detergent from a Family Dollar store on 1050 East Laurel Avenue.

According to Eunice Police Deputy Chief Varden Guillory, witnesses told officers the daughter would pick out the items and hand them to her mother, who would place them inside her purse. When police got to the store, officers say the mother took out the items from her purse and put them on the shelf where they were standing.

The items included 2 liquid Gain laundry detergents($5.50 each), 1 Gain Sunshine($5.00), and 1 citrus Soft Soap($2.85) , $18.85 total value of items.

Both were arrested and and booked on charges of theft by shoplifting. They have both been released by summons after booking.