EUNICE, La. (KPEL) -- A Carencro woman has turned herself in amid allegations she wrote a check worth more than $1,000, even though the checking account was closed.

According to Deputy Chief Varden Guillory with the Eunice Police Department, 27-year-old Jessica Thomas purchased $1,428.68 of items from a business on E. Laurel Ave on Oct. 6.

Guillory says the cashier asked to see Thomas' drivers license. Thomas was hesitant to do so, but eventually gave the license to the cashier to verify her information.

"A few days later, the check was returned to the business because the checking account was closed," Guillory says.

The business filed a complaint, Guillory says, and an arrest warrant was issued for Thomas on charges of felony theft.

Thomas turned herself in Monday, Guillory says. She was booked into the Eunice City Jail, but she was released on a $6,000 bond.