The headline of this opinion piece is capitalized to emphasize that I think every wage-earner in America should pay their fair share of income taxes.  President Obama's major theme this campaign season has been that every single American should pay their "fair share".  According to Andrew Malcom of, 36 Obama aides owe $833,000 in back taxes so it must really be embarrassing for Mr. Obama!

The Obama Administration staff consists of 457 aides with combine salaries of $37 million a year with nearly a third of the staffers earning more than $100,000.  Twenty one of those staffers earn $172,000 per year.  Note that staff payroll totals $4 million more than the last year of George W. Bush's administration and includes seven more employees.

The White House staffers being delinquent on taxes irritates me enough and then I learn that thousands of federal employees owe over $3 billion in back taxes!  Really irritating is discovering that employees of the US Senate who help write the tax code owe $2.1 million in back taxes.  Remembering that the Treasury Department's own Tim Geithner had to pay $42,000 in back taxes before being sworn in can really cause a spike in my blood pressure!  The Department of Justice has over two thousand employees that owe back taxes in the amount of roughly $17 million.  I guess Attorney General Eric Holder was too busy covering his rear-end with 'Fast and Furious' to catch these crooks in his own house.

With more than 600,000 employees the Postal Service has the most offenders but other departments are not spared.  Veterans Affairs and Energy Department rolls are also filled with crooks.

We might not be able to balance the budget by collecting all the back taxes and fines but it would sure make me feel better as an American taxpayer to know that my employees are not ripping me off to the tune of billions of dollars.  If I were stealing from my employer I'm certain I would lose my job and face legal consequences but these federal bandits get away with stealing from you and I year after year.  If I owed back taxes I surely would not want to have the IRS knocking on my door but these thieves continue with impunity because they know only IRS employees can be fired for not paying taxes.  I think it's time we change that law.