Former Angola Warden Burl Cain has responded to claims in a state legislative auditor’s report that said he may have illegally used public funds for personal reasons. One of the accusations is that prison workers performed work on his private home, while getting paid by the state. Cain says it’s not his job to fill out their time sheets properly.

"Their leave is their responsibility and I don't review leave slips," said Cain. "We all know that if you do something away from work you've got to take leave or do it after the work day."

The audit finds state employees worked for Cain, while they were still on the clock. But Cain says, at times, prison employees volunteered to help out at his home, but not while they were working.
"You're free as an American do to what you want to do when you're off work," said Cain. "I think they took leave."
Cain's comments were made during a live interview on Talk 107.3 in Baton Rouge.
The state audit also says taxpayers picked up the tab for more than $27,000 in appliances and flat screen TVs at Cain's residence on prison grounds. Cain says what the report doesn't point out is how much of his personal money he spent on the public house.
"These are assets my wife and I put on the house because we wanted to do that," said Cain. "And all that comes to $10,867 that I spent on the house out of my pocket."